Ashley Kate & her Production Company (AKA Studio Productions) are back in 2019 with a fresh take on Creative Consulting! B.Y.O.P (Be Your Own Producer) is for the creative ready to CREATE content!

Have an idea? See below and let’s get to work!


can I “Pick your Brain”? :

-You have an idea but you don’t know what it is or where to begin. Is it a web series, a cabaret show, a podcast, short film or a weekly live stream on FB? Let’s figure it out! 

-You have your idea but you have not allowed yourself to take the leap into action. Let’s let this be your first step of actual ACTION. Let’s make a strategy plan that works with your idea, schedule, budget all while utilizing the resources around you.

-Rate: $60/HOUR (Phone Conference or Skype Only)


Be my “Sounding Board”? : 

-You are in it. You are being productive. You are putting the work in but you have hit a wall and you need an ear of someone who has taken a similar path. You might feel guilty about having to go another direction creatively, you might have a hard time making a challenging decision, you may need support respectfully cutting ties with someone on your creative team, you might have questions about organization or have questions about setting realistic goals for production.

Let’s figure it out!

-Rate: $60/HOUR (Phone Conference or Skype Only)


can i “Take you to Coffee”?:

- “Pick your Brain” or “Sounding Board”, in person at a coffee shop. I’ll provide the coffee ; )

-Rate: $100/HOUR (In Person Consultation)



- A great option for a creative with existing content and ready to put up a reading or ready to enter pre-pro for a web series, short film or feature. 

-This feedback will include a typed report with two sections; Creative Feedback & Logistic Feedback. With additional ideas on budget, possible audience & marketing, and an hour long “Sounding Board” Session.